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They Knew Where To Hit Us

Dark Day Part 2

Artemis, Mick, and Robert manage to evade the armored men that were chasing them and reach the subway entrance to the McCaffery Mansion safe house. The emergency light was lit on the doorway indicating that base was under attack. They entered cautiously.

The subway entrance leads to the garage (4th basement floor). No enemies sighted but gunshots could be heard from the floor above. They entered the stairwell and proceeded to the 3rd floor.

Meanwhile Abigail was so sound asleep in the staff bedroom that she didn’t hear the gunshots, the screaming, or the alarms going off all around.

The trio found 3 members of Team Epsilon engaging 3 of the mysterious armored men.

Abigail finally wakes up and grabs her side arm. She discovers Carissa Waller under attack by a mysterious armored man. The two manage to take out the attacker and they proceed to the third floor where they hear more gunfire.

By the time Abigail joins the rest, they have managed to take out 2 of the 3 attackers. In defeating the last one, several injuries were sustained. Robert is badly burned on his right side by an errant fireball of Abigail’s, and Mick has had several ribs broken by the armored man.

The team leaves Mick in Carissa’s care while they clear the rest of the building. Upon reaching the Playroom (Weapons Locker) they find Rep. Luther had locked himself in the playroom. The team grabs supplies for themselves (weapons and armor) and make their way to the ground floor.

Ground floor was clear but the basement door and the main entrance were both broken open indicating the attackers entered through there. Looking outside the building they could see the attack on DC was ongoing. The army of armored men were definitely attacking specific individuals. Some of those they attacked were changing into monstrous shapes just before being dispatched. Those that managed to make the change dissipated in black smoke just as the armored men do.

Artemis recognized the victims as fellow Nightbane. Luther ordered everyone back to the basement to use the subway for escape. The team followed the subway lines to the silver spring station before moving back to the surface. Along the way Artemis could sense hundreds of Nightbane. Just as quick as they would appear they would disappear. She could not tell if this was simply from moving out of range or because they had been killed. Though she had her suspicions.

The team resurfaced in the China Town section of Silver Springs. None of the assailants were present. The locals were mostly freaking out over the unnatural darkness and jabbering in Chinese. Only Abigail understood what was being said. The team made an unsuccessful attempt to hot wire a bus. They did finally find 2 sedans that had been abandoned with the keys still in the ignition. Due to Robert’s size he could not fit in the vehicles. He broke out the back window of one of the cars, sat on the roof of the car, and braced himself with his feet in the back window. Artemis, Abigail, Clarissa and Mick got in the car with Robert. The rest got in the second vehicle.

Luther ordered them to head to Fort Meade where another PAB facility was located.


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