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  • Luther Delmar

    Luther is the Republican representative for Maryland's District 8. He is never seen without his trademark blue suit, tie, and gold watch. Luther served in US Army Intelligence before running for office. As a member of the Intelligence Committee he is …

  • Carissa Waller

    Low ranking member of the PAB. She handles the entry to the DC safe house as well as acting as Quartermaster. Her cover is Head Curator of the McCaffery Mansion, the public cover for the DC safe house. She has had basic pistol and first aid training. …

  • Saranna Dawson

    A member of the PAB DC division. She uses her Psychic abilities for infiltration and assassination. She typically works solo in the field but will perform training exercises with the rest of the DC squad.

  • Donnie Griffin

    Donnie was born in China and adopted by a missionary from a Fire and Brimstone Evangelical christian church. Since he was 4 years old he has lived in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. He discovered at a young age that he could lay his hands upon the sick …

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