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Brought a Pistol to a Superman Fight

Dark Day Part 1

Three members of the Paranormal Activities Bureau; Artemis , Robert, and Mick were out on the National Mall. Artemis was in her dog form, Mick and Robert were in civilian clothing.

A "darkness’ passed over the area, traveling east to west. It was not clouds or any other natural phenomenon. Panic spread among those out on the Mall. Soon screams were heard and bloodied patrons were seen pouring out of the Natural History Museum.

The team moved closer to investigate and found 6 “men” in black armor, wielding halberd style spears, killing the patrons in the main hall. The team noticed that the adversaries seemed to be targeting specific people, but what they had in common could not be ascertained.

One of the “men” sniffed the air like a hound and turned to stare at Artemis. Artemis ran from the building and the armored man gave chase. As the man passed Mick, Mick pulled out his pistol and shot the man in the back. The man was unphazed. The man was able to catch up to Artemis and with one swing of the halberd, cut in to Artemis’ side and flung her into a tree, breaking the tree in half.

Mick, cast Altered Flesh on Robert to boost his SDC, as Robert ran toward the enemy. Robert tackled the man and was able to hold him down. Artemis recovered from the blow, and was able to rip the halberd from the man’s hand with one bite and then crush his head with a second. The man was hollow and began to dissolve into black smoke.

A second Armored Man was seen at the entrance to the museum. He sniffed the air like the first, turned to stare directly at Artemis, then let out a howl or shriek. Mick jumped on Artemis’ back, and Artemis and Robert started to sprint toward the Smithsonian Metro station. As they reach the metro entrance, Artemis noticed more armored men standing at the entrances to all the museums in view.


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