Donnie Griffin

PAB Mage / Mystic Specialized in Healing Arts


Donnie was born in China and adopted by a missionary from a Fire and Brimstone Evangelical christian church. Since he was 4 years old he has lived in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. He discovered at a young age that he could lay his hands upon the sick and heal their pain. He hid this power from his parents as he believed his parents would think it was witchcraft or that he was possessed.

An Angel appeared before him on his 15th birthday. He was told that he had been called by God to go on a holy quest.

Travel to capitol of this country. Seek out the McCaffery Mansion. There you will find my warriors. Use your gifts so that they may succeed in fight against Satan’s army on Earth.

He gladly accepted what he believed to be a calling from God. He has not returned to or contacted his parents since he left 10 years ago.

Donnie Griffin

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