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Searching for a Doctor

Dark Day Part 3

Upon reaching Fort Meade, the team found the base on Lock Down. Luther was in the lead vehicle and chatted with the base guards. Artemis noticed that while all the guards looked human, none of the guards smelled human, and several of them smelled like the armored men that had chased them earlier.

The team contemplated making a run for it but the guards already had their weapons drawn. Luther talked his way onto the base and the team followed. After moving out of sight of the guard house, Luther pulled to the side of the road and gave the order to leave the cars. He could tell from talking to the guards that this base was compromised as well. The team was going to leave the base by jumping the closest fence and make their way to the closest town, Laurel.

As they got a few hundred yards from the cars they were attacked by 4 Winged Creatures that appeared to be wearing the same type of armor as the earlier combatants, but these creatures had vulture like heads. One of the men from Team Epsilon was grabbed and the creature flew off with him. They were not seen again.

Abigail, Artemis, Mick,. and Robert (being carried by Artemis) made their way back to the cars while fighting off 2 of the creatures. The third kept its attention on Luther’s group. Artemis let out a powerful bark (Nightbane Talent) that stunned the 2 creatures. Robert grabbed one of the creatures and swung it into one of the cars. Artemis grabbed the second one and threw it on to the same car. She then picked up the second car and threw it on top of the first car making a demon sandwich. Abigail used a fireball to light the whole pile and the vehicles exploded, killing the demons.

Seeing its comrades defeated the last demon broke off its attack on Luther’s group and flew toward the center of the base.

The team made their way off the base. Robert, being the only one to have his wallet on him, made a $300 withdrawal at a gas station. They then headed to a Hotel a few blocks away and booked 2 rooms for the night.

While Luther setup this temporary base and contemplated their next move, Abigail, Artemis, Robert, and Mick left to seek medical attention for Mick. A local Urgent Care center bandaged Mick and diagnosed him with 3 broken ribs. When they returned to the Hotel the team watched the local news reports when an EBS message from the President aired. He gave no explanation for the unnatural darkness but blamed the deaths and attacks in the major cities on terrorists, and the reports of monsters on troublemakers in costumes taking advantage of the situation. The whole team noticed that even though Luther was in the room with them, he was also standing behind the President on the live feed. He was accompanied by one of the missing members of the DC PAB safehouse, Saranna Dawson.

The whole team is now suspicious of Luther (Is he the real one or the one on the TV), but considering the events of the night they opted not to split up. Luther used the Hotel’s computer lab to send a distress call to all PAB agents, warning them to avoid the main base or the safe houses as they had to consider the whole organization compromised. Knowing that the message would be traced to the hotel, the team walked to a nearby Carmax lot and stole 2 Humvee H2’s (so Robert could actually ride inside a vehicle for once). They would need a permanent place to hide and regroup. The team decided to head toward the industrial district of Baltimore to search for an abandoned building or factory that could act as a new base of command.


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